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Please measure the speed on

The connection between your TVBox and Wi-fi is probably unstable.
Please try connecting to the internet via an ethernet cable .

In order for the remote control to work properly , it is necessary to aim directly at Lepší.TV BOX. If the standard distance of the signal is not enough, we recommend you to buy an external receiver. Thanks to it, Lepší.TV Box can be controlled from a much longer distance and it is not needed to aim directly at it.
To set up the volume, press the button on the lower left side of your remote control and then regulate the amount of volume with arrow keys.

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What is Lepší.TV and what is it better at? How does Lepší.TV work?

Lepší.TV is a service thanks to which you can watch TV whenever and wherever you want. You just have to be connected to the internet and to own a Lepší.TV Box or a device with an internet browser.

There are many benefits, in which Lepší.TV is better and you can find all of them here. You can find the most important ones below:

- the lowest price on the market

- unlimited recording of shows

- watching programmes from up to 30 past days

- pause and skip during the broadcast

- 100 channels, including premium ones, for the basic price

- easy control

- a movie library with 650 best movies, series, documentaries and cartoons

- Lepší.TV Box is a computer, as well

- Lepší.TV has the fewest demands on the speed of your internet

- It works on TV, mobile phone, tablet or on computer

Je nutné podepisovat nějakou smlouvu?

Smlouvu budete podepisovat pouze tehdy, když se rozhodnete pro pronájem Lepší.TV boxu. V ostatních případech nepodepisujete vůbec nic. Jednoduše si u objednávky zvolíte délku předplatného a dále vše zadáte podle instrukcí.Je to jednoduché, rychlé a k ničemu se nezavazujete. 


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